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DIY Christmas Gift

Lori’s Taco Bean Chili

I love consumable gifts!  A few years ago my kids gave me a jar of Taco Bean Chili for Christmas.  They made it in school and were so proud of their DIY gift to me.  They were so excited for me to make it for dinner but I was reluctant.  I just wasn’t convinced that it was going to taste good. After asking me more than a few times, I finally decided to make the soup!  And to my surprise, the soup was absolutely delicious!  I couldn’t believe how amazing it was!  So this year, I put together a DIY Taco Bean Chili using Lori’s Tasty Taco seasoning packet.  It’s a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift to give to neighbors, co-workers, teachers, coaches, friends, & family! You can bet I am going to be making a bunch of these!!! Package it up with a box of cornbread mix or even include all the canned ingredients needed for this recipe in a glass jar!  So many options for this gift. 


Supply List and Instructions

Insert for the jar (multiple) - Insert for the jar (single)

Lid instructions (option 1) - Lid instructions (option 2)

Tasty Taco Seasoning Packet



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