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C3 Bros

We are three brothers, Cason (17), Cole (16), and Cody (13).  Cason enjoys basketball, golf, fishing, and anything outdoors.  Cole plays tennis and is very interested in computers.  Cody enjoys golf and basketball. We have started C3 spices because we enjoy running our own business and making money.  Our mom uses these spice blends all the time and we love her cooking. Our first spice blend was the Finger Lickin' Chicken which she puts on whole roasted chickens and it also makes the most delicious bone broth. The instructions are listed in the additional recipes link at the bottom of the page. Then we added the Tasty Taco in bulk seasonings because it's the best and can also be used in so many ways. We even include all the additional ways to use our C3 Bros spice blends when you purchase and we've also listed in the additional uses for seasonings link at the bottom of the page.


C3 Bros, LLC
15720 Kuykendahl Ct
Conroe, TX 77384


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